A note from  Governor Gary Frechette
& First Lady Maria
November 2016

I thought I would review the first lady’s project for the year.
GREAT news! We already have 287 yards of hats donated around the Florida District. Thank you for the great start.

Hats A Yard is  First Lady Maria's special project to warm the hearts and heads of those experiencing treatment-induced traumatic hair loss by providing them with hand knitted, crocheted caps, sports hats and any exciting hat!

What Hats A Yard will provide and how you can make a difference:

Warmth: Caps help keep patients warm in the chilly treatment rooms.

Comfort: Heads become sore after a long day of wearing a wig, and chemotherapy drugs cause heads to become tender. Caps provide respite and comfort, like a cozy pair of slippers or a soft robe.

Dignity: The loss of hair can be traumatic for patients, resulting in embarrassment and seclusion. Caps provide a fashionable way to cover hair loss and help to restore self-esteem.

I thought of a Yard ( 3 Feet) so that throughout the State of Florida our Service Leadership Programs and Kiwanis Clubs can do projects by gathering these special hats, lining a football field end to end, to see how many yards of hats we can gather. ♥ This project is to brighten the lives of those in need with kindness and love.

Then we just need to drop them off at any medical facility that treats these special angels. Please join with me and the LOVE BOAT crew and with a hat put a smile on a lot of beautiful faces.

With Love,

Governor Gary and Maria

So as we approach this month of November we have a lot to be thankful for. The Florida District continues to serve communities and families who need a little a bit on sunshine. Maria and I want to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving from the bridge of the LOVE BOAT! And of course OH YA