Message From the Bridge of the LOVE BOAT with Captain Gary and First Lady Maria.


Sometimes in the hustle of our daily lives,  it’s easy to become overwhelmed with yet one more thing to do, one more event to attend, one more meeting to schedule. That’s why it’s important to “press pause” and remember why we do what we do as Kiwanians.

We do what we do, because kids need us. They need us to help them reach their full potential and to thrive, knowing they are safe, happy, healthy and loved.

So when life gets hectic, take a moment and think about a child you’ve helped, or a child who benefited from a club event or fundraiser. Without your handprint in that child’s life, where would that child be? You have much to be grateful for--family, friends, and Kiwanis club members--but does that child have everything he or she needs to live a healthy, prosperous life? Most important what would your community look like if your club did not exist.

I asked all of you to just bring one new member into Kiwanis. How are you doing. Its not hard, you can remember the person who asked you to join. Another question is why did you stay. If you stayed because of the children then why are you waiting to ask someone to join our Kiwanis family.  We have an opportunity to change course of the LOVE BOAT and be positive in membership at the end of the year. That growth will benefit Governor Elect Todd's team.  

We are fortunate to belong to Kiwanis, the most wonderful service organization on the planet, to be able to leave our positive handprints on a daily basis, to work closely with so many like-minded people, to meet amazing folks and children, and to know that at the end of the day, we mattered.

Thank you for being such a constant bright spot in the Florida District. You have all left so many incredible handprints on so many children with your loving and caring spirits. Your dedication to our kids and communities truly makes a difference.

Maria wants to thank all of you with the Hats a Yard project. So far you have donated over 789 yards this year.  A lot of smiles to some very special angels. Also a big OH YA!!!

Love Gary and Maria